Feedback from Course Participants


'Brilliant and fascinating subject, very well presented theories and really interesting films.  Definitely want to know more and will soon be looking for a relevant placement.  Thanks very much!'   L Sieve


'I have given top marks to all the points above as I thought the two-day workshop on Neuropsychology was excellent.  The topic was unknown to me and I feel I have learnt a great deal over the weekend.  I was especially pleased to discover new ways to work with clients based on scientific research on the brain.  The tutor was very receptive to our numerous questions, and always had answers that made a lot of sense.  The best learning weekend so far this year, in my opinion.'   C Zora


'Very interesting indeed and invaluable to client work.  Thank you.'   L Bowers


'Brilliant balance of theory, application, discussion and holding the group consistently through the weekend.  It would be hard to identify how this course could be improved, in fact I can't.'   L Mayne


'Excellent; thoroughly enjoyed the content and delivery.  The class participation and exercises were great for practical experience.'   D Bowes


'A very interesting course on a really fascinating and important subject, very well presented.  I enjoyed it immensely and I will definitely draw on what I learnt both in my practice and personal life.'   A Hassan


'Fantastic.  Thought provoking, not overly complicated in terms of too much scientific jargon, but informative.'   D Cowan


'Very informative, thank you for keeping real and using everyday language.  It has been fascinating.'   A Doan


'Excellent.  Thank you.  Extremely helpful in explaining some of the internal processes in a clear and simple way.  Excellent tips on management and approach.'   C Ash





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